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On the Importance of Unplugging

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

I have worked for a media conglomerate for a few years now, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but sometimes I feel an intense longing for creativity and quiet. The news changes day by day, but most of it is just surface-level analysis of topics that merely scratch the surface of the critical, underlying issues plaguing our world. Who am I to blame for this reality? I too find a certain appreciation for the numbness that comes with simplistic coverage. Life is complicated. Pitting the left against the right, blaming the rich, or the poor, is simple. It’s easier to have my biases confirmed, but it is also dangerous.

I believe in the human spirit. Unfortunately, it is getting harder in our society to reclaim dominance over our lives and thoughts. News work like a drug, so at times, we must unplug ourselves to get a clearer picture in hopes of understanding the world better.

When I feel overly restrained and uninspired, I leave. Now, I know some will somewhat fairly criticize my actions as elitist and point to the fact that many people are not able to say, “enough is enough.” I do believe, however, that unplugging can be as simple as taking a walk barefoot through the grass. People have different means, but everyone can unplug.

Our society is in dire need of clear minds. Mass conformity, blind allegiance, and cowardice have created an increasingly rigid system with which the U.S. has not been acquainted with for a long time. Rights are quickly diminishing, individual thoughts are being maneuvered and unelected bureaucracies are accruing more power than ever before. While it may already be too late, independent thinkers have a fighting chance if they continuously seek awakening, autonomy and resist the power of the collective.

As it becomes easier to know what is going on in our society, it is getting harder for us to understand what is going on within ourselves. How can we be ourselves if we do not know who we are? How can we trigger the power to fight for our beliefs if we are not sure what they are? Having a strong connection to the natural environment has positive effects on our mental state and cognitive performance. This can also alleviate feelings of social isolation rendering an individual less likely to feel the need to please others. While some people have proven to be easy targets for the system’s conditioning efforts, I truly believe others have accepted certain unjustifiable policies simply because it’s easier. In a way, I do not blame them. Pointing out hypocrisies, speaking out against draconian mandates, and questioning motivations seldom make one likable, especially in today’s world. Too many people are being asked to sacrifice their own autonomy by tyrants who have engineered mass social hysteria and normalized segregation for the so-called “common good”. They have become agents of the system because they are unwilling to know themselves. There is no shortage of historical examples of the results of actively participating in and/or tolerating nonsensical dictates.

We are constantly bombarded with things that do not matter and we are slowly becoming machines living in a system of self-control by abandoning our common sense and intuition. Is economic security worth the abandoning of the human soul, body, and mind?

Unplug. Nature does not judge. Take time away from the noise and propaganda. Step away from the Matrix and remember who you truly are. Feel the energy of the world and let it empower you. Only when we can achieve certainty over ourselves and realize our higher calling, we will transcend the immediate and focus on crafting a more humane world for future generations. Do not forget, however, to get out there and employ all the newfound energy in a way that resonates with your mind and soul!

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